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VPS hosting is a virtual private server “inside” a physical server, with its own operating system. VPS is a technology that combines the power of a dedicated server with the simplicity and flexibility of shared hosting. The main advantages and disadvantages of VPS hosting come from its properties.

      Advantages of VPS hosting

      1. The main advantage of this service is that the client gets low-level access to the hosting environment in order to be able to customize the server to fit the needs. In most VPS hosting offers, you get administrator access (root access) to install and configure all the necessary software for your website or server.

      2. The second point, because of which Cyprus VPS from HostZealot is very popular, is guaranteed dedicated resources. A physical server is shared, but the amount of disk space, RAM, and processor are legalized so that only you can use the resources. In essence, the client is tied to its virtual space, and does not depend on the “neighbors” on the server.

      3. Another area where VPS has an undeniable advantage is the use of IP. In most cases of using shared hosting, you can only have one IP, but this does not apply to VPS, when you can assign a dedicated IP for each of your websites.

      Disadvantages of VPS hosting

      1. The price for VPS is usually higher than for shared hosting.

      2. The maximum processing power of virtual servers is lower than that of a fully dedicated server. Small VPS are limited in their ability to withstand large traffic drops.

      3. For a demanding user who is not an administrator, but has an online business or a personal website, VPS can be an unnecessarily expensive pleasure.   But if you need full control over the hosting environment, then you will have to switch to VPS to get the best. Do not choose VPS because most hosting providers present this service as the best solution for hosting websites. Rent a virtual server when you really need it.

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