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Year before last I hit the end of season sales on a quest to score some of the missing pieces from my inspiration board. I found this red jacket on a clearance rack at Macy’s. One look and I was in love. Red is a fabulous color to own. During the holidays it can be used to create a festive outfit or a holiday party. Then, for the rest of the year it can serve as your go to source for a quick shot of fashion confidence.

Best Color Combinations

The trick to styling the color red for this time of year is to avoid pairing your red top with traditional Christmas colors. People naturally associate red and green with Christmas so avoid that pairing at all costs. During the holidays pair your red top or jacket with a metallic tank for your version of a festive flair. For other times of the year, red is always a great accent for animal print. It adds a pop of color to a mostly neutral palette  Another color to avoid when styling red is blue. Unless it is for Fourth of July or Memorial Day be careful when pairing the two colors together because it always reads like a walking American flag unless you add a third color that is not white.

Saving on the Basics

Now is the perfect time of year to stock up on basic items that you may have missed this season. Several retailers will begin having their semi-annual sales this week. There will also be major markdowns at department stores across the nation as stores begin to prepare to accept spring goods. There will also be additional sizes as people bring their unwanted gifts that will now be eligible for markdown. You may be able to score an item that was unavailable before.

Whatever your fashion style, now is the prime time to beef up your wardrobe. So shop away all…

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