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Creating fashion forward style is about mastering four basic style elements and creating variations of those elements using pieces that you either currently own or are about to purchase. The four elements that you need to create any look with fashion forward style are a basic piece, an interest piece, a finishing piece and a statement accessory. Before your next big shopping spree decide which of these elements you are in dire need of and work from there. If you keep those thoughts in mind as you shop, you will avoid squandering those valuable wardrobe dollars.

The Fashion Forward Formula

The Fashion Forward Formula by lesliemccain featuring a gold spike necklace

Basic Pieces

Start by evaluating your basic wardrobe. These pieces should be made of quality fabric and be chosen based on the way they fit. Basic pieces include solid colored t-shirts, and dress shirts as well as a great pair of jeans and dress slacks. These basic pieces will form the foundation of all of your style choices from here on out, so make sure that you invest in pieces that will wear well, hold their shape and retain their color. The majority of your wardrobe should be made up of these basic pieces that can be worn on a regular basis without evoking a fashion memory. The trick to looking like you have a vast wardrobe is in the way that you mix these pieces with your fashion pieces.

Interest Pieces

An interest piece is just as it sounds, a piece that will draw the eye to your look and create interest. Interest can be created in a variety of ways. Interest is created by using a pattern to break up an otherwise bland solid look. Interest can also be created by choosing a piece that has an embellishment or an unexpected design element. As you look for the garments that will serve as your interest pieces, look first at the quality of the embellishment. Make sure the details are securely fastened to the garment in order to avoid choosing a look that can come across as cheap in the end. Look for embellishments that are secured with a piece of fabric behind the stitching, they will retain their embellishments even when washed.

Finishing Pieces

Finishing pieces are ones that will complete your look. They will be the layering pieces that will help create shape. These pieces are the blazers and cardigans that take your look to the next level and make people stop and take notice. When you add a layering piece to a tee or a tank, your look takes on a polished appearance that naturally evokes style envy.

Statement Accessories

The final element of your fashion forward wardrobe is the perfect statement accessory.  These accessories can be chosen based on your style and color preferences, as long as you always remember to add them. Accessories are the icing on the  cake.

Once you have mastered the fashion forward formula you are ready to move forward in your fashion journey. There may be bumps along the way, but the more often you solve the equation, the quicker the answers will come. Having said that,  which part of the equation gives you the greatest challenge?

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