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Spring is upon which means that it is time once again to look into our closets and begin building the foundation for the perfect spring wardrobe. Now is the time to evaluate what is already in our closet and what needs to be in our closet but isn’t. The latter part is my favorite, because that my friend signals a shopping trip in my future.  Start by evaluating all your spring pieces from last year. What type of condition are they in? Do they need to be sent to the tailor for alterations? Are there pieces that need to be replaced all together? If so, those pieces need to go on your must have shopping list. Next, it is time to ensure that you have the basic pieces that will be the foundation of your fashionable wardrobe.

Skinny Jeans

The first item on your list should be a go to pair of skinny jeans. My favorite pair came from American Eagle. Choose a dark denim pair that can be worn for day or evening. Then, choose  a great pair of white skinny jeans that will be paired with all your spring time flats. Then, choose several pairs of pastel skinny jeans that can be mixed and matched with the tops of the season. Coral is always a great choice when it comes to spring capris, because it provides a pop of color without going too far out of the box. Then, you can build your capri wardrobe.


1. Distressed Capris

2. White Denim Capris

3. White Dress Capris

4. Black Dress Capris

Blazers & Cardigans

Finally, choose a combination of light colored blazers and cardigans that can be used as great layering pieces. Every spring wardrobe needs a tailored white blazer that can be paired with your capris and skinny jeans. Then, choose lighter colors to supplement the remainder of your wardrobe. It is also essential to have an ample supply of casual cardigans that can be used as the weather fluctuates. I have a hot pink blazer that I like to pair with floral prints and white jeans for the perfect spring look.

In the outfits featured above we have shown several options for spring cardigans that can be used for layering. Also ensure that you have the same colors in a tailored look for an option that would be evening appropriate. As we begin our journey into spring, it is important to remember that every great wardrobe begins with certain key pieces. The question is, do you have yours?

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