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If you are a creative person, you like to experiment and stand out – loft-style is yours! The main advantage of this style is that it doesn’t require a lot of money and it looks amazing and free. Loft style came to us from the 1940 year when old buildings began to be used as flats. Spaciousness, brutality, unusual decor items are the main characteristics of this style. You will know more about a loft-style from this article. 

Before I start, I want to tell you about the living room abstract paintings. These paintings will combine with all interior styles. They create an intriguing atmosphere because they make no sense and you want to consider them. An interior without any decor or paintings is boring. 

5 ways to create a loft-style in a living room

1. The first rule – the room should look spacious, so you need to think over the layout well. Putting mirrors all over the house is the best way to create an illusion of large rooms. You also can make one mirror wall or buy a big locker with mirrors. 

2. You should remember that a loft-style was made from abandoned buildings, so it important to leave pipes and vents open. Brick walls also play an important role. You can paint a few walls into one color and leave one wall unpainted. Such decor items as boxes or road signs will look incredible. 

3. You should choose light pastel colors. Beige, white, light-brown, gray are the most popular colors. These are such colors, as in the abandoned buildings, cellars and workshops. Bright colors don’t fit for a loft-style.

4. Loft style requires a lot of light. You should make large windows, maybe a panoramic. Street lamps are also look perfectly. You should choose ceiling light fittings. Small lamps over the paintings make a feeling of the exhibit. Floor lamps near the sofa in a living room will add more comfort, especially if you like reading. 

5. Wood, iron and concrete are the main materials. You can also use a lot of natural materials. Wooden parquet or porcelain decor items like chair or statuette will look great. You should choose a wide baseboard to hide uneven walls. Curtains in a loft-style may be white or creamy. 

As you can see, it easy to furnish a living room in a loft-style. Just know some rules and you can create a modern design. Be sure that such interior design will be liked by your guests.

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