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How to Dress for a Business Meeting

When it comes to business style, there are some hard and fast rules that people need to follow as they are traveling for events that are sponsored by the company. This is your opportunity to showcase your personality to the decision makers in your organization. For some of these corporate partners this may be the only time that you see them within a calender year, which means that you are going to be stuck with the impression that you make for an entire year. So, what does that mean for you? As you are selecting the look that you will be wearing to your next business meeting, remember these key points:

1. Adhere to the Dress Code

2. Create a Look that Commands Attention

3. Remain Engaged the Entire Time

How to Dress For a Business Meeting by lesliemccain featuring flared pants

The key to building a look that will hit the nail on the head for your next business meeting is to create a look that not only adheres to the dress code, but also creates a look that commands attention in a good way. In this look, the grey trouser and the black blouse are the items that adhere to the dress code, and the red blazer commands attention as you walk into the room. The peter pan collar is another way that your look will command attention in the event that you feel the need to remove your blazer during the meeting. Another key to success is to keep the rest of your look well within the guidelines of the company dress code. A business meeting is not the time to deviate from the dress code. Keep your shoes and jewelry on the conservative side. Your look needs to lend credibility to your presence in the meeting.

Although your look is a key component in the impression that you will make during the meeting, you must also remember that you will be judged on your arrival time as well as your level of participation in the meeting. Arrive 15 minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start so that you are not beginning the meeting in a frazzled state. It will also allow you time to get a drink or use the restroom if necessary. Finally, remain engaged during the meeting by taking notes and asking relevant questions.

By following these simple guidelines, you are setting yourself up for success in the business world.

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