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In the interior design, any detail matters, including the color of the furniture. You should take this into account when you want to make the room brighter – in case the windows face west, and the sun is a rare guest there. Or vice versa – add dark shades when the room, due to its location, is brightly lit by sunlight for most of the day. In the first case, choose light colors of furniture, in the second – the dark color of wood. Also, the color of the furniture leaves an imprint on the overall “mood” of the room.

      Choose furniture in dark shades if you want to bring notes of conservatism, solidity and monumentality to the interior. Light shades of furniture, on the contrary, will give the interior of your apartment a cheerful look. Varnished furniture of bright white color will create a feeling of aristocracy and sophistication of your home, and black furniture will leave a lasting feeling of stability and coldness of the interior.

      It is a personal matter what color of furniture to choose, but if you want your house to look harmonious, follow our advice, and then you will definitely be able to create comfort in your home.

      Furniture of America

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