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As your business grows, so does the demand for your website. It has to handle hundreds of sessions every day, while still maintaining high speed and impeccable functionality. While optimization is indeed a necessary procedure that will help your site work better, there comes a time when it’s simply not enough, and another change should be implemented. 

Moving to Another Type of Hosting

If you initially used shared hosting, there might be not enough resources for your website to function smoothly all the time, as other users may pull them away. Consequently, when processing a lot of sessions, loading speed might fall, and customers’ experience might suffer. On the other hand, truly personal hosting with a dedicated server costs a lot. The solution to this is fairly simple – a virtual personal server (VPS).

The advantages of VPS hosting

With VPS hosting you’re getting a personal section of a server, so you always know exactly how much resources you got for your website. You can also have much more control over your server, and tweak the settings to optimize it better for your needs. There are a variety of affordable plans you can choose from that differ in terms of RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. 

This is the type of hosting to choose if your website is of medium size and faces at least a hundred sessions every day, or if you want to have a couple of smaller-sized sites on one server. You can set them up using pretty complex tools, as the VPS allows full customization.

It is crucial, however, to get hosting from the right provider, as it is important how your server is maintained and what kind of customer support you’re getting. HostZealot is one of the top VPS hosting providers, with impeccable 24/7 customer service, good prices and a wide range of available plans. When choosing a hosting type and provider, be mindful to pick the one that suits you best.

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