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One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Having made that statement, the next fashion topic we need to visit is that of the discount store. The biggest lesson to learn is don’t discount the discount store. These stores have a lot of great attributes that you could use to your advantage. Gone are the days where all you found at discount stores was flawed merchandise that no one really wanted. Now your local discount store can be the home to some of your greatest finds.

There are several prominent discount stores that need to make it onto your radar. The most notable of these discount stores are Marshalls, TJ Maxx and Burlington Coat Factory. These retailers can be a treasure trove of finds in many categories. Discount stores carry a vast array of products including clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry.  There are some misconceptions around these shops. Most people think that all the items in the stores are either flawed or from last season. However, these discount stores often carry the same items that are found in traditional style department stores but at a considerably lower price.  You will often find items from such prestigious designers as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors or Jones of New York.

There are some tips that need to be followed in order to be a successful discount shopper. First and foremost, sign up for their email alerts and programs. One of the rules of the discount stores is that they are usually unable to provide the specific names of the designers that are available and on sale. The email alerts will notify you of when hot new items hit the racks. You will then be able to use that information to determine when to make a beeline for the store. This will ensure that you get the best possible selection of styles and sizes. Next, shop at multiple locations. The fact that the items these stores carry are either overruns or excess merchandise from last year means that not every location will carry exactly the same merchandise. The locations that you select to frequent should be mapped around the income level of the community that the store is located in. Typically, the more affluent the neighborhood the better the selection of the store in that neighborhood.

By following these tips and tricks, you too can use your local discount store to stretch those wardrobe dollars. So, before your next marathon trip to the mall, visit your local discount store and see what treasures you too are able to uncover.

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