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Everyone knows that a dress shirt is an essential part of every wardrobe. Once you have established the building blocks of your wardrobe and are ready to begin making more fashion forward purchases, then it is time to revisit the classic dress shirt. At this point, we all own the classic colors of black and white and may even have begun to add some of the hottest fall colors into the mix. Now, its time to embrace the next frontier in dress shirts: the contrast collar and cuff. If you are looking to brighten up your wardrobe and provide some interest, this is definitely the way to go. I found several great options on my last trip to New York and Company. They were featured as part of a New York Deal and I was able to pick them up for $24 a piece


The great thing about selecting a dress shirt with a contrast collar or cuff is that it truly lends itself to every social situation. You can of course pair your contrast collar dress shirt with a pair of trousers for an office ready look. You can also pair your contrast collared dress shirt with a dark washed denim and be ready for Casual Friday. Finally, if you pair your contrast cuffed dress shirt with a pair of distressed capris, then you are ready for a day with the girls. The trick to dressing down the dress shirt is to roll the sleeves up and button them into a french cuff in order to expose the contrasting fabric and give it a quirky feel.

Building your fashionable wardrobe begins with the accumulation of the basic pieces, and then evolves with the addition of the necessary fashion pieces to bring you into the current season. The contrast collar shirt will serve as that must have fashion piece that will bring you into the current season.

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