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Springtime is just around the corner which means that it is almost time to trade in those trusty skinny jeans for a pair of denim capris. For spring, your denim capri will replace your skinny jean in your fashion arsenal. As you build the foundation of your spring wardrobe remember to choose a dark washed version, a distressed version, and a white denim version. Those three options will work with any color combinations that you can create.

Selecting the Perfect Style

Selecting the perfect capri style means finding the best fit for your body style. The first thing I look for when I am searching for the best denim capri is the right pocket style. I was not blessed with a lot of junk in my trunk, so I have to look for a pocket style that will help a girl out with that. I always choose a pocket with a button flap because it always adds volume. On the flip side if you are looking to detract from the rear area, then avoid a capri with a pocket for the same reason that I choose them. The next thing that you need to look for in a capri is the length. I am only 4 feet 11 inches so I always have trouble finding anything that is the right length. I always look for capri pants that are a straight leg version because then I cuff them in a variety of different ways to give my wardrobe versatility. I also like to choose a straight leg version of a capri because in the winter months they can serve double duty as the option I use in lieu of my skinny jeans when I wear boots.  As you cuff your capri, remember that the smaller the roll of your cuff, the tighter the cuff will be. When you choose to cuff your capri in a tight roll, style it with a nice ballet flat..  For more casual settings, you can choose to a wide roll that will look great with a flip-flop or a casual sandal.   As you begin your fashion quest for spring feel free to stop back by and give a shout out to your favorite case you were wondering mine is the version featured above and is the Miss Me capri…

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