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If you are like most families at one point or another, you will get the brilliant idea that what your family really needs is a family portrait that will capture your family memories in a single snap. Several years back I realized that the time had come to wrangle my family into participating in that time honored ritual since the twins were ten and the last time we had a portrait made was on their first birthday.  Once we decided it was time for family portraits, then it was time to choose the color scheme for the event. We were including extended family in the photo, so in total we would have eight people in our picture. During the process, I discovered that there is a skill to coordinating that many people in one setting. There are a important factors to consider when you are choosing colors for family photos.

Choosing Family Photos

Choosing Family Photos by lesliemccain featuring a full skirt dress

Consider Your Setting

Start by determining the setting for your photos. Once your setting is chosen, then think in terms of which colors will contrast effectively with the background. When you choose contrasting colors, then your color choices become all that more vibrant and make the people in the photo appear to pop. Choosing the setting first also helps you avoid selecting colors that will blend in with the background.

Consider Skin Tone

In addition to considering your setting, you must consider the skin tone of those who will be in the photo. Not everyone looks great in every color, so if you do not take that into consideration then the overall look of the photo will be impacted.

Choose No More Than 3 Colors

Once you have eliminated colors based on setting and skin tone, you are ready to begin choosing the colors that you will wear in your photos. As you begin selecting the color combinations for your photos, limit your choices to no more than three colors.  If you choose too many options, then the picture does not look cohesive. If you choose neutral colors, you can always use colorful accessories as a means to add interest.  Remember to also avoid adding dramatic colors in places that you consider problem areas because those pops of color will draw the eye to them. There are several tried and true combinations that are great options for family photos.

1. Black, White, Grey

2. Red, Black,Yellow

3. Green and Brown

4. Denim and White

In the end we opted for black and denim with pops of color for our family photo. What are your favorite colors to use for your family photos?

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