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Choosing the right accessories can make or break an outfit. The same way that you would not serve cake without icing we should not head out the door without the proper accessories. There are certain must have items that every wardrobe needs.  We all need the right mix of belts  jewelry and scarves. These items will take your outfit from drab to fab.

First and foremost an ample supply of jewelry in the right mix of metals is a necessity. It is important to have jewelry in gold, silver, black and brown. This basic mix of colors will match almost any outfit in your closet. Next, choose a few statement pieces in the hot color of the season. This will turn an otherwise bland outfit into this season’s showstopper. The vibrant green necklace and bracelet combination featured below draws compliments every time that I wear it. Variety is key when choosing accessories. This is the place to have fun and really let your personality shine. The investment is smaller, so if your choice only has an end of season expiration date, no harm no foul. If you are a bargain hunter you’re in luck. A great time to pick up accessories is at the end of the season, stores will be liquidating inventory to make room for the next season and you can really stock up. I once found an end of season sale where all the pieces were only five dollars. I hit the mother-load and left with an entire bag of  jewelry for less than a hundred dollars.

The next trick to accessory shopping is to purchase belts in the right mix of size and color. When choosing belts the first thing to think about is color. Every wardrobe needs a belt in black,  one in brown,and one in leopard. To get the most bang for your buck look for a belt with a reversible buckle. The belt I get the most wear out of is black on one side and has a leopard print on the other side. Next, think about size.  Skinny belts are great to use when choosing outfits that contain layering.  A skinny belt can add a pop of color as well as  accent your waistline.  This years hottest trend in the belt world is metallic. My must have picks in this category are from New York and Company. New York and Company has an entire line of skinny metallic belts for as low as $19.00.

The final item on your accessory shopping list is a collection of scarves.  Adding style to your outfit with scarves is as simple as tying a bow. The easiest scarf to wear if you are a beginner is an infinity scarf. It comes already tied and all you need to do is slide it over your head.  The next option is to choose a loose scarf looped around your neck tied with a single knot. When choosing scarves make sure you choose a mixture of solids and prints so that you have an option for any top.

Now, my favorite part. Here is a list of my must have accessories for fall. White House Black Market has amazing jewelry finds. There is a silver statement necklace for $68.00 that is to die for. My next big find there was silver crinkle scarf for $48.00. Looking for a little pop of color? H and M has an orange necklace, bracelet, and earring combination that screams fall.  Finally, Ralph Lauren has reversible belts in black, brown, and chocolate for $58.00.  These are just a few of the many options out there that make your outfit memorable. Feel free to give a shout out to your favorite fall accessories.

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