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In the second edition of our fashion challenge series we will be tackling the feeling that some people get as they enter the department store. Achieving fashion forward style can be an overwhelming feat to tackle if shopping does not qualify as your sport of choice. There are however some tips and tricks that if followed will help calm those feelings of anxiety that creep in as you pull into a department store parking lot.

Begin with an Edit: It is the Key To Focus

Before you can be prepared to hit the sale racks at your local department store, you must first determine what it is that you need to purchase. Determining what you need comes only after you have made an honest assessment about what works in your current wardrobe. If you have not worn a piece in the most recent season, you do not need that piece as part of your collection.

Devise A Plan of Attack: Create a Plan and Work Your Plan

Achieving the perfect wardrobe does not happen overnight, which means that you can not get everything that you need to complete your wardrobe on your first trip. The simple fact that you have created a list may begin to bring forth the initial feelings of anxiety that plague you as the time approaches to shop.  Squelch the feelings of anxiety and choose one item on the list to look for.

Remain Focused: Focus Will Get The Job Done

Once you get to the store, remain focused on your mission. Making multiple random shopping trips will result in a disjointed wardrobe that will struggle to find a sense of cohesion. Utilize your list to keep you focused on the task at hand which will be to find the one piece that will complete a desired look.

Don’t Be Afraid to Leave Empty Handed: Better to Shop Smart than Hard

Just because you go to the store on a mission does not mean that you must come home with a new article of clothing. If you have went to multiple stores and are unable to locate the sought after piece that drove you there, then don’t be afraid to leave empty-handed. Better to leave with nothing that to leave with a piece that will never work.

Focus is the name of the game when it comes to developing must have style. If  the mere thought of a trip to the mall makes your skin crawl, then take the time to plan your attack in order to make the best use of your time. A focused mission will translate into a focused style.

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